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Battle of the Little Big Horn - Waddingtons, 1964

One of the most epic battles in North American history was fought in 1876, between General Custer and Chief Sitting Bull at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. This game, of the same name, was first published by Waddingtons in 1964.

The Battle of the Little Big Horn
The Battle of the Little Big Horn, Waddingtons, 1964

The Sioux and Cheyenne Indians were increasingly hostile to the prospectors pouring across North & South Dakota. Chief Sitting Bull gathered a force, by the Little Big Horn River, just north of the Montana-Wyoming border, ready to strike. Three columns of U.S. Cavalry were dispatched to subdue the Indians.

The main force stopped short of the Indian camp. General Custer was sent ahead to make contact, but instructed to await support before attacking. However, nearing the Little Big Horn, Custer, his movements now being watched, decided to attack at once - what he did not know was that Sitting Bull had assembled an unusually big force of 4,000 braves!

Game Details

Game: Battle of the Little Big Horn
Company: Waddingtons
Players: 2
Year: 1964

Game Play

Players movements around the battleground, and combat outcomes, are determined by throwing dice. The battle is won by the Indians if Custer and his officers are eliminated and his regimental flag is captured. The battle is won by Custer if the 3 Indian chiefs are eliminated, or if the flag reaches either of the 2 squares marked with a blue arrow.

Game Contents

A fully complete game will have the following contents.

1 Little Big Horn battleground map (some versions have a rigid board and some are made from thinner card)
1 General Custer figure
2 US officers
6 US men
1 regimental flag
3 mounted Indian chiefs
3 mounted, tomahawk-armed Indians
6 Indians armed with rifles
6 horses
2 dice
1 rules booklet (some versions have rules printed on the box instead)