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Denys Fisher

Denys Fisher was born in 1918 and grew up in Leeds, spending his early years living in a railway carriage. As a child, he read Lambís Infinitesimal Calculus during a six week stay in hospital and developed a passion for logic and mathematics.

Denys Fisher

After dropping out of Leeds university, he joined the family company where he developed new machinery and delicate springs, eventually forming his own company, Denys Fisher Engineering, in 1960.

Shortly after being established, the company won a large contract from NATO to supply springs and precision components for missiles, which gave him the financial freedom to pursue a personal project involving the use of cogs and gears to produce patterns. This was originally intended to become a draftsman's tool but was eventually marketed as a toy, called Spirograph, which became hugely successful, being voted "Uk Educational Toy of the Year" from 1964 to 1966.

The invention of Spirograph completely changed his life and fortune. His company eventually became Denys Fisher Toys, producing many board games in the 1970's, before being bought by Hasbro.