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Please let me know which games you are interested in by completing the form below. The information on this page should explain everything you need to know about the games I have for sale and the payment options.


All games that I sell are guaranteed to be 100% complete and with the original components, unless clearly stated otherwise. Games are meticulously checked prior to being sold and all the components are neatly sorted out and bagged up for your convenience.

Condition of Games

All games are in good to very good vintage condition, unless I clearly state othewise. Please be aware that games will show varying signs of wear and tear, as you would expect, bearing in mind their age and the fact that they are made of cardboard and have been played with by children.

Most games usually have one or more box corners secured with Sellotape (it is very hard to find games with unbroken corners of the box lid or base). There will usually be some edge wear or creasing and perhaps the odd pen mark, and the box base will often be a little concave.

Having said this, you can rest assured that I don't sell any games that are badly damaged, beyond what would normally be expected. Mostly they are very good and in better than average condition.


Obviously, the price of games can vary greatly, depending on rarity and condition. Most of my games would fall into the £40 to £80 range, although some very common games could be priced as little as £25. At the other extreme, very rare games and games in outstanding condition would be £100 plus.

To help you save money, I also have the following offers ...

Get a free board game!

I offer a free board game to anyone I have referred to Bulb Energy.

Please click here for details.

Buy a 3 Game Package

My "3 game package" is a great way to get yourself an instant board game collection and save money too! It costs me the same to post 3 games as it does to post 1, so this way I can pass on that saving to you.

Simply tell me which 3 games you would like to buy and I'll get back to you with a price. As a general guide, if you buy 3 of the most common titles, the price could be as little as £60 with free postage. For the slightly rarer titles, a 3 game package will usually be in the £75 to £125 price range, while a more collectable package would be around £150 plus. But whatever the price, it will work out cheaper than buying 3 games individually.

You can, of course, buy more than 3 games if you wish, in which case I'll try to give you an even better deal.

Free Postage & Packaging

All prices quoted are inclusive of free postage and packaging to any mainland UK address - but you can also choose to collect games in person if you prefer, in which case I will happily discount the cost of postage from the price for you.

Collect in Person

If you live nearby, you may prefer to collect games in person, rather than have me post it to you.

By doing this you will save money on postage (I'll discount the cost of postage from the quoted price) and you will have the opportunity to inspect your games before buying them.

I am conveniently located in the middle of the country, just north of Worcester city centre, about 2 miles from Junction 6 of the M5 - so even if you don't live locally, you will probably be driving up or down the M5 one day en route to somewhere else - or you will have a friend or family member who is passing my way who can pick it up for you.

Payment Methods

If I am posting it to you, I can only accept payment by bank transfer, cheque or postal order. Unfortunately, I don't take credit card payments or PayPal, since this is not without risk for sellers. Payments can be reversed up to 6 months after the original transaction! If you are in a hurry to receive your game, please see the clearance times below for the various payment methods.

If you are picking up in person, payment will be cash upon collection.

Payment Clearance Times

Bank transfers are instant, but I still need to allow 2 full working days before I can post your game, as transfers can be rejected for various reasons.

Cheques will take 6 full working days to clear before I can post your game. Please note that although funds become available to draw against after only 4 working days, it takes 6 full working days before a cheque is guaranteed to not be returned. This is the standard banking industry 2-4-6 cheque clearance cycle.

A crossed postal order has to be paid into a bank account exactly the same as a cheque and also takes 6 full working days to clear. An uncrossed postal order is much faster, as it can be cashed instantly at a Post Office rather than having to be paid into a bank account, and therefore I can post your game the same day I receive it.

Please be aware that the Post Office currently charge 12.5% of the face value (capped at a maximum of £12.50) to issue a postal order.

Buyer Request Form

Please complete all fields of the form.

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Do you want me to post games to you, or would you prefer to collect in person from Worcester?

Please post games to me.

Please note that free postage & packing to any mainland UK address is already included in the quoted price, so there is nothing extra to pay.

I would prefer to collect games in person.

Please note that if you choose this option, I will discount the cost of postage from the quoted price to save you money.

Please give details of the game/games you are interested in buying. If I have what you are looking for, I will reply with further information.


Please also note that I am not buying old games at the moment, so I can't make you an offer for any games you are selling.

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