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Welcome to OldBoardGames.co.uk, where you can find games for sale and information on classic, vintage board games published in the UK during the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's.

Games For Sale

We have a selection of games for sale, all of which are inclusive of free postage and packing to any mainland UK address. You can also choose to collect in person if you prefer and the postage cost will be discounted.

At the moment, they are only offered in small "job lots" - this is due to the large amount of time it takes to sell games individually.

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Games Archive

This website also aims to be a reference source for board game collectors and anyone interested in researching games from this period. The games listed in this section of the website are purely for informational purposes (although some of them may also be available for sale).

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Board Game Companies

Please see below for information on the main board game companies of the period ...

Denys Fisher
Parker Brothers

Very Rare Games For Sale

The following games are extremely rare. The quoted prices are inclusive of free postage and packing to a UK mainland address. Please contact me via the Buy A Game page if you are interested in making a purchase.

Progress Aero Gyro: £499
Circa 1950's toy/game. Boxed, fully complete and in working order.

Other Old Board Games

The following games are not yet featured in detail on the website, but may be available for sale. If you are interested in buying any of the games listed below, please contact me via the 'Buy A Game' page and I will give you a price, along with a full description of the condition etc.

221B Baker Street, Gibsons Games
4000 AD, Waddingtons
Articulate, Drumond Park
Astron, Waddingtons, 1955
Atmosfear The Harbingers, Spears
Backgammon Game in 1970's retro attache case
Bermuda Triangle, MB
Blockword, Waddingtons
Buccaneer, Waddingtons
Careers, Waddingtons
Cathedral, Brightway Products
Cup Winner, Vic Toy
Daft Draughts, Parker
Diplomacy, Gibsons Games
Discovering London, Gosling Games
Double Your Money, Bell
Flying Hats, Spears
Game of Dracula, Waddingtons
Game Of Life, MB
Ghost Castle, MB
Go For Broke, Vic Toy
Hotel, MB Hotel MB
Kojak, Target Games
Life Begins at 40, Paul Lamond
Magic Robot, Merit
Mastermind Special Version For The Blind, Invicta
Motorway, Campus Martius
Moviemaker, Parker
Nationwide, Omnia
Never Mind The Buzzcocks, BBC
New Faces Game, Palitoy
One For The Pot, Denys Fisher
Risk, Parker
Scrabble (Red Box), Spears
Spy Ring, Waddingtons
Stratego, MB
Super Simon, MB
Taboo, MB
Tabula (The Roman Board Game), Oxford Games
The Crystal Maze, MB
The Fastest Gun, Denys Fisher
The London Game, Seven Towns
The Neighbours Game, Crown Andrews
Twister, MB

Designer & Modern Board Games

Although my main interest is old board games, in the course of my collecting I come across a few so called 'designer board games' and other modern games that are highly sought after. If you are interested in buying any of the games below, you can contact me via the 'Buy A Game' page.

Cape Horn, Rio Grande Games, 1999
Cluedo SFX, Parker, 2003
Der Markt Von Alturien (The Market of Alturien), Pro Ludo, 2007
Lord of the Rings, Hasbro, 2001
Napoleon in Europe, Eagle Games, 2002
New Game of Universal History and Chronology, Historical Games Company, 1990's
Risk Lord Of The Rings, Parker, 2002
Saint Petersburg, Rio Grande Games, 2004

Further Resources

A guide to further board game resources online.